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Updated: May 23, 2022

Regular check-ups and Teeth Cleaning

Preventive dental care is important throughout your life, no matter your age. By practicing good oral hygiene at home and scheduling regular checkups with your dentist, you can help keep your smile bright and healthy for many years to come. Here are a few simple ways that you can prevent the build-up of plaque and cavities:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use fluoride toothpaste to remove food particles and plaque from the tooth surfaces. Also be sure to brush the top surface of your tongue; this will remove any extra plaque-causing food particles, and help keep your breath fresh!

  • Clean between your teeth by flossing at least once a day. You can also use a mouthwash to help kill bacteria and freshen your breath. Decay-causing bacteria can linger between teeth where toothbrush bristles can't reach. Floss will help remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth and under the gum line.

  • Eat a balanced diet, and try to avoid extra-sugary treats. Nutritious foods such as raw vegetables, plain yogurt, cheese, or fruit can help keep your smile healthy.

  • Remember to schedule regular checkups with your dentist every six months for a professional teeth cleaning.

  • Ask your dentist about dental sealants, protective plastic coatings that can be applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth where decay often starts.

  • If you play sports, be sure to ask your dentist about special mouthguards designed to protect your smile.

If it's been six months since your last dental checkup, then it's time to contact our practice and schedule your next appointment!

Restorative dentistry


Dental filling is a process to restore damaged or decayed tooth back to its normal function. It is also helpful in preventing the bacterial growth. At Dr.K. & Associates Dental, we strive to keep teeth well-shaped and look natural by offering tooth colored composite resin fillings to our patients.

During your check up, we carefully look at the teeth to diagnose any cavity and recommend the required treatment for the tooth. If cavities left untreated, the bacteria can progress to involve the tooth nerve causing severe pain and requiring extensive treatment to save the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment is required when the nerve within a tooth has become infected due to a trauma to a tooth or when decay has spread beyond the enamel and dentin and into the nerve. When either of these situations occurs, the only way to save the tooth is by clearing the canals of any residual nerve structure or bacteria and disinfecting them. Once the canals have been cleared, a sealer paste and rubber compound is used to fill and seal the canals. In some cases where the circumstances are such that the assistance of an endodontic specialist is necessary, we have an extensive network of Kingston-based specialists readily available.

It is important to note that once a tooth undergoes successful root canal therapy, it becomes more brittle and must be protected with either a dental crown or onlay to prevent chipping or cracking of the natural tooth structure.

Tooth Replacement

There are a number of ways to replace a missing tooth. These prosthetic teeth can be as beautiful and functional as the original tooth .

It is important to note that it is easiest to replace a tooth immediately following an extraction. After a tooth has been extracted, the adjacent teeth may shift towards the empty space to compensate for the missing tooth, shrinking the space available. In addition, the jawbone will remodel once a tooth has been removed, shrinking in dimension. Over time, as there is less space and bone strength to work with, replacing a tooth may require the assistance of a dental specialist to ensure success.

Dental Crowns, Bridges, Partial Dentures, Full Dentures , Implants, Implant supported crowns and Implant supported Dentures are some of the ways Dr.K. & Associates offer to achieve this goal. Schedule a consultation with us to find out which option is the best fit for you !!


Whenever possible the dentist will try to save the tooth even if it has been broken or damaged by decay. However, there are situations where that is not possible and it will become necessary to remove the tooth from its socket in the bone. We have developed simple, safe and comfortable techniques to use when an extraction is necessary.

After a careful examination of the x-ray, the dentist will formulate the best plan for the extraction. During the procedure most people experience some pressure but very little discomfort. After the procedure you will go home with explicit instructions on what to expect and what to do following this surgery.

Options After Tooth Extraction

Dental implants are the best choice after an extraction. Without it, the bone will begin to recess and possibly cause more problems. If you have questions, contact our office for specifics

Dental Implants so you can smile with confidence

Dental Implants Can Replace Broken or Missing Teeth

If you have decayed, broken or missing teeth that are beyond repair, a dental implant is a great solution. A dental implant is a device that is surgically placed to integrate with one’s jawbone. Because the implant is attached to the bone and matches adjacent teeth, it serves as an incredibly lifelike prosthetic. A patient often has difficulty identifying which tooth is an implant after it is placed.

Dental implants are the perfect solution for anyone who needs to replace missing teeth. Whether you need a single implant or full-mouth dental implants, every patient will find that their dental implant is a natural feeling and long-lasting tooth replacement.

When gum or periodontal disease causes gum loss, teeth can deteriorate and fall out. When this happens, a dentist will need to complete several procedures to repair the area and place an implant.

In some cases, patients who have had missing teeth for a long period of time have had their jaw bone recede. This means that they have an inadequate quantity and quality of bone for an implant. In these cases, a dentist can perform a bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting allows doctors to repair the bone and create a sturdy base to place the implant. The surgery is pain-free and relatively easy to perform.

Although it may take the next few months, beautiful smiles are guaranteed with dental implants. Contact us today to book a consultation with our team to see if Implants are the right choice for you !

Cosmetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Get the beautiful, bright and white smile you’ve always wanted with our proven teeth whitening treatments. We understand that clean, white teeth can provide confidence. Our tooth whitening services help to remove built up stains and discolouration, giving you the bright, white smile you’ve always wanted.


Veneers are probably the most natural appearing restoration available. Porcelain dental veneers are shells that are custom made and are then bonded to cover the tooth surface. They can be used to correct worn, stained, crooked and discoloured teeth. They are tooth coloured and are very difficult to distinguish from natural teeth and are highly resistant to stains from coffee, tea or cigarettes.

The porcelain reflects light just like the enamel on teeth. After years of wear and proper maintenance they are as bright and shiny as when they were applied.

There is very little preparation necessary for a veneer procedure. They do not in any way weaken the existing tooth structure. At Dr.K. & Associates Dental we work collaboratively with you to select the right veneers for you.

Clear aligners

The Clear Way To Straighten Your Teeth!

Clear aligners are transparent, virtually invisible method to straighten misaligned and crowded teeth and bring the mouth into a good bite and align your teeth to bring you a smile that you are proud of. It is a series of custom-made, clear aligners that you wear day and night and remove only to eat, drink , brush and floss. They are comfortable and convenient, and best of all, unobtrusive. Generally, the aligners are swapped out every two weeks and replaced with another set to continue the process. Teeth are realigned gradually until they arrive at their final place. You will visit your dentist about every two to six weeks to be sure you are on track for a wonderful smile.

If you are considering clear aligners treatment with Dr.K. & Associates Dental, we start with a no-obligation consultation appointment following which, an appointment involving photos, radiographs, and impressions of your teeth will be scheduled to determine the course of treatment. Contact us to schedule your consultation at Dr.K.& Associates Dental today !

To book your first call 613 - 634 - 0402 or email

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